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Veronica Jackson


Veronica Jackson makes connections between art, architecture, and design as compiled in her multi-decade portfolio in interpretive exhibition and communication design. She honed her conceptual and practical skills by working on culturally significant and historically prominent projects. Examples range from African Voices at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History to Discovering the Civil War at the National Archives and Records Administration.


For the past several years and with the intent of integrating her personal ontology and professional interpretive design disciplines, Jackson has created and developed a multidisciplinary, conceptual visual art practice. Her work stems from the position of a black woman marking space within a landscape that consistently overlooks and devalues her. Jackson’s oeuvre is text-based, autobiographical, and critically elucidates the visualization of gender and race in America, with a special focus on the portrayal, perception, and legacy of black women in popular media both past and present.  


Jackson brings a constellation of capabilities to her practice: from communicating to diverse audiences to creating inviting and engaging installations. She is also a dedicated proponent for intellectual accessibility in the visual arts. Jackson holds firm that once exposed to it, art elicits transformation and should be available to anyone who wants to produce it, gaze at it, debate it, or simply live with it.


Selected Works
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