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Michael Pribich
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Michael Pribich is a visual artist living in New York City with his wife Esperanza Cortes. He was born and raised in Northern California. He is interested in the artist's role in advancing ideas that lead to continual growth and change. His work uses labor to address themes of displacement and migration in both a rural and urban settings. He explores the idea that labor can be viewed as cultural production, resulting in an expanded social space. He has participated in exhibitions and artist residencies throughout the world including United States, Mexico, Europe, and India. He has completed public art projects with the Public Works Departments in Sacramento and Woodland, California. He has received a Pollock Krasner Award, and a Fulbright Award recommendation. Upcoming exhibitions include March 2019, Concrete and Adrift: On the Poverty Line at the Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, Louisiana-March 2019; Krasdale Gallery, White Plains and Hunts Point, NY-June 2019 


Selected Works Created During Residency

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