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Artist in Residence


From 2019 to 2021 the Ali Youssefi Project Artist in Residence provided over $70,000 in direct resources to fourteen working visual artists. These resources included free work studio space at Verge Center for the Arts, living space at Warehouse Artist Lofts, and a $500/month stipend for the duration of their term. Resident terms culminated in group exhibitions at Verge gallery. The AYP AIR amplified underrepresented perspectives and voices with a diverse representation of themes. Global warming, racism, family ties, sound, identity, community, and obsolescence, were just some of the themes explored. Artists used the luxury of time and space to further push their work, experiment with new mediums, collaborate with other artists, and immerse themselves in the Sacramento art scene. 


The residency took place in Sacramento, California and included 7 regional artists and 7 national artists who came from locations across the United States.

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